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Open Sound System for BSD Unix

OSS provides device drivers for popular soundcards under FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and BSD/OS (referred below as *BSD). OSS comes with a user-friendly configuration tool that makes adding and configuring sound cards into *BSD a snap. OSS complies with the Open Sound System API which was known as VoxWare.

The advantages that OSS has over the free VoxWare 3.0 drivers are:

  • Commercial grade product for *BSD backed by full technical support and support for the latest *BSD distributions.
  • A user friendly GUI (curses based) to configure the soundcard!
  • No kernel recompile/relinking or changes to the cryptic kernel config files required to add sound support.
  • Support for PnP (plug and play) sound cards!
  • Autodetection of certain soundcards and manual configuration ability to change soundcard parameters on the fly.
  • Full duplex audio support (on soundcards that do support full-duplex)

Installing the VoxWare3.0 drivers into the *BSD kernel is tedius and these drivers only support a few cards (now obsolete). If you think saving a few hours of work is worth the small price of OSS, then OSS is for you!