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The latest version of Open Sound System v4.0 Developer's Guide contains the details of OSS programming.

A white paper describing the design philosophy of OSS 4.0 and changes from the previous versions can be found here. My personal views about Unix/Linux audio are available in my blog.

We have created a mailing list for OSS application and driver developers. See the side bar on left.

Open Sound System (binary) installation packages are available from our download page. Source code of OSS is available from our source download site under the GPLv2 and CDDL 1.0 licenses.

Getting tehcnical support and reporting bugs

If you are a licensed customer you can file a service request using our technical support form. Other users can use our community support forum to get help.

However if you have downloaded the source code and find a bug in it you should report it to the oss-devel mailing list (see above). We are currently evaluating various bug tracking systems and an one for OSS will be opened in the future.