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Open Sound System for HPUX

OSS provides device drivers for PCI soundcards under HP's HPUX 11 OSS comes with a user-friendly configuration tool that makes adding and configuring sound cards into HPUX a snap. OSS/HPUX complies with the Open Sound System API.

What's New?

OSS 3.9.8f for HPUX 11i announced

  • Support for SPDIF on SoundBlaster 128-Digital versions
  • Added "record-what-you-hear" capture mode for AC97 devices
  • Dynamically loadable kernel module
  • Support for SBLive, Audigy/Audigy2, SBPCI128, FM801, CMI8738 and Digi32/96

4Front Advanced Audio Technologies:

  • Virtual Synth - software wavetable synthesizer fo r any 16bit audio card
  • Input Multiplexer - record audio in multiple formats at the same time using a single input source.
  • Virtual Mixer - mix up to 8 separate audio apps i n real time

  • NOTE: The on board sound chips used on HP9000 machines are not supported. Also ISA soundcards are not supported. We don't currently have any plans to add support for these devices.