Open Sound SystemTM (OSS) Free

Last modified Monday, January 04, 1999

Information about OSS/Free is no longer available here since I have not been the official maintainer since January 1998. I will now concentrate on development of the official Open Sound System (OSS) software. I will also continue making some contributions to the GPL'ed version but as I said I'm no longer the maintainer.

The official version of OSS/Free is included in Linux kernel source distribution which is available from all ftp sites carrying Linux. Please check the linux/MAINTAINERS file included in the kernel source package for information about the current maintainers of various low level drivers.

You can get the latest OSS/Free drivers for Linux 2.0.3x kernels from Alan Cox's FTP site. Mr. Alan Cox is now the official maintainer of OSS/Free. OSS/Free is released under GPL. There is no affiliation between OSS/Free and OSS/Linux anymore except that they are both OSS compatible.

The OSS API specification and other kind of programming information is available here.

Hannu Savolainen
January 4, 1999