Notes for owners of Neomagic 256AV


Dell Inspiron 3500 users must configure this device even though the
OSS will automatically detect the NM2200 device. To configure the
Neomagic NM256AV device, run soundconf, select Remove a card/device
option and delete the NM2200 device, select Add a card/device option
from the main menu and then select Neomagic NM256AV from the list.
Save the configuration and run soundon.

If you have problems getting audio to play, it's likely that the
BIOS settings don't match OSS's default settings for the NM256AV.

1) Use BIOS setup or the control panel in Windows to find out the I/O
port, IRQ and DMA channels used by the audio device. Ignore the
Sound Blaster emulation address (2X0).
2) Configure OSS so that "Neomagic 256AV *NMA2*"
device is defined (should be autodetected).
3) Use the "Manual configuration" screen of soundconf (or oss-install)
to change the I/O port, IRQ and DMA settings to match the BIOS/Windows
settings. It may not be possible to use the same IRQ but you may any other
free IRQ instead (performance may be slightly decreased in this case).

Finally save the configuration and start OSS using soundon. Check
the soundon.log (or /dev/sndstat) to see if the audio device was detected.
In negative case you may try to use the other possible I/O port values
in soundconf.

You do not need the NEOMAGIC option for the NM256AV device.