Release notes for the Vortex OSS driver

In this version audio playback, recording mixer and _EXTERNAL_ MIDI port
features are supported. There is no support for S/PDIF or the internal MIDI
sythesizer. However software wavetable MIDI synths like Timidity/4Front
Virtual Synth work.

This version now also supports mmap() applications like Quake/RTCW.

KDE aRTs Daemon Settings

If you use KDE, ensure that you make the following changes:

1) Click on the KDE Control Panel and select Audio settings and
then click on the Audio Server entry.

2) Now select the Audio I/O tab and check mark the Sample Rate setting
and set the rate to 48000

Other OSS apps like XMMS, RealPlayer, mpg123, timidity will all
work properly.