Release notes for the Yamaha XG PCI driver

This driver is compatible with the PCI based YMF7xx chips made by Yamaha. In
particular this driver supports YMF724, YMF735, YMF744 and YMF740.


o Sony VAIO laptop users with the YMF744 devices must disable PnP in the bios
before OSS works properly. Also if you get a high pitched whininig sound,
then simply type ossmix mic 0 to turn off the mic input. This noise is
due to a feedback loop. You type savemixer in the OSS installation directory
so that the next time you run soundon, OSS will automatically set the mic
levels to 0.

o Joystick support works using the joy-analog.o driver:
insmod joystick.o
insmod joy-analog.o

o You may occasionally get a "AC97 not alive" message when you run soundon.
There is some kind of timing bug with certain implementations of the
Yamaha DSXG chips and usually running soundoff and soundon again fixes the
problem. If you don't want to keep running soundoff and soundon, it's best
to simply add soundon; soundoff; soundon to the rc.local scripts.
Search for the bug is still in progress


Currently S/PDIF Input and Output only work at 48Khz.
To Record:

1) type ossmix spdif.record ON - this records the audio from the S/PDIF input.
setting spdif.record to OFF records from the Mic or analog inputs (cd, line).

2) To stop spdif MODE - type ossmix spdif.mode OFF.

3) SPDIF output is automatically enabled. Whenever you play audio, it will
be simultaneously be heard on analog as well as the digital outputs.

WARNING: There is no volume control on the S/PDIF channels so please beware
playing S/PDIF output will be at maximum volume and you "MAY" damage your
speakers connected to the ananlog output of your D/A convertor.

Playing MIDI

OSS doesn't support the hardware MIDI playback (wave table) features of PCI XG.
However the SoftOSS driver can be used for MIDI playback.

Suspend/Resume for Laptops with Yamaha DSXG
Please consult README.Notebooks for this info.