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Open Sound System for Tru64

OSS provides device drivers for PCI soundcards under Compaq's Tru64 v5.1. OSS comes with a user-friendly configuration tool that makes adding and configuring sound cards into Tru64 a snap. OSS/Tru64 complies with the Open Sound System API.

What's New?

OSS v3.9.8g for Tru64 v5.1 announced

  • Added "record-what-you-hear" for AC97 devices
  • Added SPDIF support for Sound Blaster PCI128-Digital versions
  • 4Front Virtual Mixer now comes standard with the OSS drivers. An advanced version with builtin equalizers, loopback audio recording, individual volume control is also available with an extra licensing fee. The basic Virtual Mixer technology allows users to play upto 4 audio apps at the same time. There is no special programming required (unlike ESD or aRTsd) as the Virtual Mixer devices behave exactly like the physcal hardware devices. Virtual Mixer contains 4Front's proprietary profesional quality sample rate convertors that handle the mixing of various audio applications.
  • The soundconf program now provides an Audio-Self-Test option that performs basic audio tests and reports back any errors.
  • Reorder PCI audio devices - new option in soundconf allows you to reorder devices so that if you have multiple soundcards, you can select which soundcard becomes the default audio device
  • Support for the following PCI soundcards
    • Sound Blaster PCI128/PCI16 Ensoniq AudioPCI/AudioPCI97.
    • CMedia CMI8738
    • Forte Media FM801/FM802
    • Avance Logic ALS300/ALS300+
    • RME Digi32/Digi96 (Professional Audio)
    • MIDIMan DiO 2448 (Professional Audio)
    • 4Front Virtual Mixer/Input MultiPlexer (see below).
  • 64bit support

4Front Advanced Audio Technologies:

  • Input Multiplexer - record audio in multiple formats at the same time using a single input source.
  • Virtual Mixer - mix up to 5 separate audio apps in real time

  • NOTE: The on-board sound chips used on certain older ALPHA machines are not supported. Also ISA soundcards are not supported. We don't currently have any plans to add support for these devices.
  • Applications: In general most applications for Linux will compile and work with OSS/Tru64. But certain apps are geared to use Tru64 MME and these apps need to be forced to use OSS API compatibility. You can generally do this by using the Linux definitions or FreeBSD definitions for compiling.

    Click here to download a binary of mpg123 (source is at http://www.mpg123.org).